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Inner School

The Inner School, spiritual path, Hazrat Inayat Khan, sufi movement

The Inner School is a spiritual path meant for dedicated mureeds (initiated followers of the Sufi path). Hazrat Inayat Khan called it the most important activity of the Sufi Movement. It comprises personal guidance, and a diversity of contemplative and meditative exercises. Initiation by a guide or teacher is required. Several centres hold classes to deepen the understanding of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s texts.

Words can explain all things that are comprehensible, but for the soul, which passes beyond human comprehension, words are too inadequate. But the question, How can a person then realize his soul? can be answered, By the inner culture (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

The Inner School, spiritual path, Hazrat Inayat Khan, sufi movement
The Inner School, spiritual path, Hazrat Inayat Khan, sufi movement

It is not necessary for everyone to take part in the Inner School. There are different ‘royal roads’ that mystics of all ages have taken: the path of knowledge, of action, of meditation or devotion. These paths all join, in the end, the only path, which is to spiritual realization. Each path is suited to certain personalities.
Initiation is important, although it may come in different forms. One form is the natural unfolding of the soul. Sometimes it comes after great illness or suffering. One begins to think differently, feel differently, see and act differently; one’s whole condition begins to change. Another initiation that is known to the mystics is the initiation that one receives from a living person, a teacher.

There are no fixed rules to follow on this path, but there is one law which applies to everything in life: sincerity. This is the only thing that is asked by a teacher of a pupil. Truth does not reveal itself to the insincere. It is not necessary for the Sufi to seek the wilderness for meditation, since he can perform part of his work in the midst of worldly life. The Sufi need not prove himself to be a Sufi by extraordinary power, by wonder-working or by an exceptional spiritual manifestation or claim. A Sufi can prove to his own conscience that he is a Sufi by watching his own life amidst the strife of this world.

Every seeker after truth must remember one thing: that the first step in the path of truth is to become true to oneself. (Hazrat Inayat Khan)