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The Symbology Activity is a pursuit of the wisdom concealed in symbols in our daily life. The Activity is embodied in two aspects, Zirat and the Element Ritual.

The word Zirat means agriculture, and refers symbolically to the tilling of the ground of the self for the sake of an inner harvest. The mind and heart must be freed from unwanted thoughts and feelings, which, like weeds and old roots, hinder the inner culture. The careful farmer must prepare the soil and watch over the various stages in the cultivation of the precious seed.

The Element Ritual is inspired by ancient Zoroastrian dances. These are choreographed with characteristic colours and tones expressive of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether. One first attunes oneself to the elements, and then invokes guidance by their vibrations.

Hazrat Inayat Khan said about symbols:

The religions of the old Egyptians, of the ancient Greeks, of the Hindus, and of the Parsis, all have symbols, which express the essential truth hidden under a religion. There is symbolism in Christianity and in all the ancient religions of the world. … There has been a wave of opposition to symbolism in both parts of the world, East and West. It came in the East in the period of Islam, and in the West re-echoed in the Reformation. … However, one can say without exaggeration that symbology has always served to keep the ancient wisdom intact for ages.

It requires intuition, even something deeper than intuition – insight – to read symbols. To the one to whom the symbols speak of their nature and of their secret each symbol is a living manuscript in itself. Symbolism is the best way of learning the mysteries of life … It is speaking without speaking, it is writing without writing. The symbol may be said to be an ocean in a drop